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Tigger Rebuilt

As tigger bent 2 chassis at Cadwell he has rebuilt it a bit stronger !!!!!!!!!

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Snetterton 2006 DVD available
All, I have just received the first batch of Snetterton 2006 DVDs. If you want to buy one they are priced at £10.00 each if collected from me, or £11.00 each including p&p if you want me to send them. Email me to reserve your copies and post the cheques (payable to 2CV Racing Club) to me at my home. Buy early to avoid Xmas disappointment! Trevor Wiliams, Club Chairman


Trevor Williams 10.12.2006


And so, after a period of infantile enthusiasm and boundless optimism, with the departure time less than 24 hours away, I am reduced to rigidly defined compartments of self doubt and anxiety. Whilst I have plummeted below the 13 stone barrier (12 stone 13 lbs, admittedly on dodgy scales), the months of training have paid off
and I now have the benefit of a groin strain and boils on the bum. Combined with the predicted spectacular end to the worst drought in 100 years, panic is just around the corner. I confess I do not understand the drought theory, every time Ive been outside I've been soaked. Of the last two people who attempted to use the Harwell standpipe, one was struck by lightning and the other washed away in the ensuing flood.

On the bright side, sponsorship is beyond the £2,500 barrier, thanks to everyone. This is an amazing amount & of course brings no pressure. The luggage is packed. The space taken up by miscellaneous ointments and embrocations is embarrassing and will no doubt cause merriment and possible arrest at customs.

We have carried out more research with the objective of helping us get on with the French. I hadn’t realised the French tradition of eating garlic was to make their breath smell less primeval, so we will follow suit. We will also mix better if we smell the same, so soap and deodorant are barred.

It’s taken millions of years for huge hairy baboons with embarrassing red bottoms to evolve by coming out of the trees, I suspect when I return it could be a sort of reverse evolution, maybe without the hair, although climbing back up the tree may be difficult.

Thanks for all the support and sponsorship (http://www.justgiving.com/MMANmanche2med). Hope to be back in 10 days. To see progress click here


Mike Story 18.5.2006

To see progress click here

Hi all,
we at Team Simply The Breast would just like to thank every one that helped in our fundraising, however small, however large, thank you to every single person. Without the help of all of you our target would not have been possible! we started off aiming for £5,000, we have now reached that and more and are slowly on our way to £7,500 with more to come in, it would be nice to finish off with £10,000, but we'll see! We had a fantastic time at the race, although fundraising is so hard and almost as exhausting as the race itself, so perhaps this year I will hang up my hat and leave it to someone else to have a go! Again thank all of you, and the club itself with out your generosity we would have done nothing!

Love Katrina and all the team x

Katrina Sparrow

MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR) is holding a race meeting on the full Cadwell Park circuit on Bank Holiday Monday 29 May. As well as the MSV T Cars Championship, we will be holding open races for single seaters up to 1800cc, and some up to 2000cc by agreement (Monopostos, Formula Fords etc), saloons (Fiestas, Honda Civics etc) and sports/GTs (Caterhams, Ginettas etc).

The entry fee is set at £150 for an hours tracktime - that's 1 x 20 minute qualifying and 2 x 20 minute races. There are separate classes within each event.

These race meetings provide an opportunity for licence holders to take part in affordable non-championship racing mid season, gain two additional signatures and provide an attractive alternative to testing. MSVR will be bringing the same team who ran the hugely successful Season Starter at Brands Hatch on 19 March and more recently F3/GT at Oulton Park, so you can be assured of a professionally run event by some of the most experienced officials in the business.

I would be grateful if you could make your competitors aware of this event at Cadwell Park, and that entries are open. I have attached an entry form and supplementary regulations, but more information can be found at www.motorsportvision.co.uk/msvr29May.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Tristan Harris
Competition Secretary
MotorSport Vision Racing
Brands Hatch
Kent, DA3 8NG
t: 01474 875210
f: 01474 874766




Dear all,

With so many cars and drivers at snet this weekend paddock space is going to be VERY tight especially for camping. Nick frost and I have discussed the paddock plan and have agreed that the area designated for the caterhams that is closest to the 2cv area can be used for 2cv camping.

Could you please ask all your team members who are camping to only park one vehicle with each tent and not to leave trailers on the grassed areas at all. We all want to have as hassle free a weekend as possible, so please try to ensure all your team members are aware of this arrangement.

Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson 24.4.2006
There is a 2CV Road-Car Parade lap at Snetterton on April 30th between 13:15 & 14:00 - Participants to sign in beforehand with Race Admin

Dick Roberts

Dick Roberts 2CVTV

Ok, now we're all now 'PINKED UP' and ready to go, we have arranged a special treat for you all - AN AUCTION!

The auction of fantastic prizes will be held in the bar on Friday evening, we have many fantastic thing to include a wee trip round Mclaren, an evening and meal with The Club Stud, Race car parts, tools, an arrive and drive at Mallory and LOADS more, so bring your cheque book and don't be shy, It's all for BREAST CANCER CARE!

Ps don't forget it's never too late to offer, so if you have anything you can give please get in touch ASAP or bring it along to the circuit

Build a race car!
The club and Simply the Breast have been offered the chance to build a race car during the course of the 24 hour week end, that we will all benefit from, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Stingray in conjunction with ECAS are putting up the car and all the parts requires for the build,The car will belong to Stingray, but in return Team Simply the Breast get a cash amount for their charity BREAST CANCER CARE, and the club (and you) get to use the car for charity events, celebrity drivers, or just to encourage new members in the club, have a go in the car before they build their own?!
We need volunteers, I know I have already spoken to loads of you, but for those I missed, the chassis and body will arrive on Thursday, with engine, all the parts we need are on order and will be there in a gazebo by the side of the ECAS TRADE STAND, wiring and any fabricated metal parts has already been sorted, we just need a spare hour or two from anyone that can help, mechanical or not, Friday or Saturday. Sunday will be a push, so we are not expecting any one to give time that would be spent on their own car. The build is important to the charity and the club, BUT if in any way at any time, it compromises your own time with your own team, all work will stop! So come on lend a hand if you can.

Katrina Sparrow

Thanks Katrina email-me


Let me say right at the start, I have nothing against breasts, I think they are a marvellous invention. In fact, I was thinking of growing some in my retirement as a sort of hobby to help get through the long winter nights.

However, in the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the screening of breasts. Each year, woman of a certain age are invited to have their bits clamped and x-rayed. Because of this, death through breast cancer has fallen impressively.

For some reason, the humble prostate doesn’t attract the same attention. You never hear the statement ‘look at the prostate on him’. As for checking, what normally seems to happen is you have some problem with a toilet organ, go to the hospital and some bearded nurse has a rummage round your pants. If you are unlucky, you get zapped between the legs with enough radiation to make the marble pouch look like it has had really good ironing.

So whats the point of all this toilet stuff? I am helping a revolution. Prostate cancer is the biggest cancer killer for men after lung cancer. Its not the most accessible part of the body & there are only two ways in. One is to send a television crew up the willie, leaving the patient with a John Wayne stance and interesting expression for several days afterwards, while the other is to sneak up on it through bum. Little checking is currently done, its not a popular inspection. This revolution will redress the balance. It will become the right of every male over the age of 50 to have the jellied finger of a marigold inserted into his rectum and wiggled about on an annual basis. Theres a bit more to it than that, but the dignified bits don’t seem to capture the imagination.

To support this noble objective, myself and three friends are cycling from Harwell to the Mediterranean and hope to raise some money. While this won’t quite break 1000 miles, it’s still a long way for a fairly ancient body, complete with prostate, to pedal. I refute all the jealous and hurtful statements of ‘it’s just a pub crawl on a bike’. It is a noble quest dominated by the desire to push forward the frontiers of medical science. If there happens to be a pub on the route, I have to confess we may well succumb to the cause and go in and ask for sponsorship.

I was heartened to learn from friendly and supportive colleagues, that other than the odd hill at the end, France is flat, so that’s OK. We have done much research. Apparently, saddle sores can be combated by putting a slice of ham down your shorts. I suspect by Le Mans I will be sitting on a T-bone steak. At the end of each day, I was thinking of barbecuing it up and selling it to a passing Renault driver.

It’s a very good cause, and your support (preferably your money) will be much appreciated. Ive got sponsorship forms or I will happily collect money. All of the funds raised go to the Prostate Cancer Charity.

Thanks Mike Storey 20.4.2006

Mike Storey

Mike Storey

18 cars confirmed for the grid at Pembrey (16 April)


Trevor Williams 10.4.2006

Simply The Breast need your SUPPORT!

Is there anyone out there that has a service or gift that they could offer for our auction/rtaffel to be held over the weekend of the 24hour? Last year with the Bellas Boys Car the auction/raffel went down so well in the bar, with lots of great prizes and services at much reduced prices (ok so there were some bad/naff prizes too!) We thought we'd have another go.......................

So if you can help in any way at all PLEASE GIVE US YOUR SUPORT (We need it!) email-me

Katrina Sparrow

Important notice regard Friday testing/garages at Snet. 2006.
For those people who sent a deposit or payment in full to the 2CV Racing club or those who require to test you will have to contact MSV at Snet direct. Pay MSV Snet direct the total amount. The deposit left with the club will be refunded to you asap. They won't take a booking unless payment is made in full at the time of booking.!!!!! [I.E.] Only card transaction will suffice - Snet Number : 01953-887303

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Steve Panas

S E Panas

Proud parents Sarah Valentine and Andy Bull are please to announce the birth of a bouncing baby girl called Eleanor Imogen Valentine Bull.Eleanor was born on Friday the 17th of March at 6.02 am (a rather fitting time).

Mother and baby are well but Dad isn't sure what's hit him. Eleanor will be available for viewings at Pembrey when things start returning to normal and Andy is back on the spanners.

We are sure that young Eleanor will soon learn to love motorsport, 2cv's, roof bars, music and accountancy.
It won't be long before she will be dispatched to 'get dad from the pub' along with all the other kids in the 2cv paddock.
On behalf of all the members of the 2cv racing club we would like to welcome her to the mad house.


Pete Sparrow 19.3.2006


Simply the Breast have been given the go ahead by the 2CV Racing Club to provide the official t-shirts for this year 24 Hour event. A sample of our t-shirts is being modelled here by the two top drivers of Simply the Breast, Annabelle and Ethan Sparrow. T-shirts are £10 each and available in sizes XL, L, M, S, XS. You can reserve your t-shirt by emailing Katrina Sparrow on [email protected] and they should be ready for collection/sale at Pembury until the 24 Hour Race (we will have a trade stand in the Stingray Village Marquee). Dig deep and make sure your whole team is wearing them.

Thank you, Lynn ....Team Simply the Breast! 17.3.2006



Dale Wells, Pembrey Official, has granted Simon Shields, Chairman of the Pembrokshire Puffing Snails 2CV Club (01239-831872 or [email protected]) permission to organise a 'Parade Lap' of enthuisiasts' 2CVs to take place during the lunchtime break on Sunday 16th April.

Not only that but special prices will be available to 2CV enthusiasts spectating and participating in the Parade Lap. For more details contact Simon (details above)

Previous 2CV Parade Laps :- Spa 2003, Le Mans 1999 & the largest number of cars of one type (2CVs) in one place ever at the French F1 circuit Lurcy Levis 2004.

Dick Roberts

Dick Roberts 2CVTV

Exciting breaking news of ECAS providing parts assistance at the Stingray 24. Roy will be at Brighton but ex-multiple 24 hour winner, Richard Dalton, is to be present with a large trade stand. This should provide cover on most parts required during the three day event. A comprehensive list of parts to be available will be agreed shortly. This should benefit the newcomers to the race enormously and help out also the veterans. Richard has also suggested that if anyone requires parts that are pre-ordered he will be pleased to ship direct to the event himself. This is great for those last minute requirements.


Steve Panas

S E Panas
The Stingray 24 hour and Pistonfest are ‘GO’ !

This year’s Citroen 2cv 24 hour race at Snetterton, The Stingray 24 Hour, over the weekend of 29 April – 1 May, is set to be the best in history with a record breaking grid, and confirmation that Stingray and Pistonheads will be running ‘PistonFest’, a festival for motoring and motorsport enthusiasts over the bank holiday.

This will be the third PistonFest and we are hoping there will be between 500 and 1,000 campers over the weekend enjoying the atmosphere and the racing. The camping will be based around ‘Stingray Village’ which will be a marquee in the middle of the camp site with a 24 hour bar (on Sunday/Monday), a live band, a seating/eating area, trade stands and lots of activities.

Stingray are also bringing a PA system for entertainment in the marquee and are supplying 2 52” plasma TVs for live links to the timing screen and to the racing on circuit for the entire race.

Terry Grant will be doing his stunt show in a Rage Buggy (www.ragemotorsport.com) and a ‘to be confirmed’ celebrity will be making the presentation after the race.

All proceeds from the event will be going to Simply The Breast’s charity for Breast Cancer so get any friends or family coming to see the race to book their tickets at www.pistonfest.com and join in The Stingray 24 Hour festival weekend.

Simon Leith

Simon Leith
8 March 2006

28 has now become 32 entries for the 24 hour race and with 9 more very likely to the grid is well on the way to being a record entry. Please welcome Stingray 90 who have finally persuaded "Smiling" Gary Byatt to come on board for them. The race would not be the same without Gary "Blues" Byatt.  John Coyle of Red Bull Construction has viewed his cars under construction this week and confirms his inclusion on the grid for both cars. Indeed he has requested that they are required for the Pembrey meeting. Good to see John back on the grid as the last time was at Mondello. Finally JD has the required medical and now confirms his 2 Smoking Barrels entry. This is good news as his more important role is to look after MH in the Fine Print Garage!!!!

Steve Panas

S E Panas

This morning I was interview by BBC RADIO BERKSHIRE, about our team in the 2CV Racing Club's 24 hour Race and what we are doing, charity etc.

They are going to run a bi weekly on us just to keep track of our progress, so we hope to generate a lot of interest from this as it goes out on 5 station across the whole of Berkshire (Paul Millen show).

Love, Katrina Sparrow
(Team, Simply the Breast)

Katrina Sparrow

Jamie Hopper has confirmed that Friday testing for the Stingray 24 will be four 50 minute sessions. Two in the morning and two more in the afternoon. the cost here is £200 per car with any number of drivers. Use of the garage is £65 for Friday.

Those not testing but desire to set up on the Friday will also have to pay the £65. Details for booking will follow. Several teams have already left deposits with the club and those details will be confirmed and then booked with the circuit.

Any further teams can either contact Snetterton direct and book or contact me at [email protected]

Steve Panas

S E Panas
‘The Stingray 24 hr’ is coming!

Today, a deal has been agreed with Stingray Media Solutions Limited to become the title sponsor of this year’s Citroen 2CV 24 hour race at Snetterton on the weekend of 29 April – 1 May 2006.

Over the past few weeks, the 2cv Racing Club has been in talks with Stingray’s Managing Director and 2cv racer Simon Leith, to agree terms for the sponsorship agreement. The race this year will be called ‘The Stingray 24 hr’ and as well as Stingray having branding on the cars and around the circuit, they are hoping to transform the weekend into a much bigger event with entertainment and activities running throughout the 3 days.

The activities will include stunts from ‘holder of 11 world records’, Terry Grant, a tongue in cheek version of the 2cv Olympic Games as well as plans to turn it into a ‘festival’ style weekend, subject to permission from Motor Sport Vision, owners of Snetterton circuit.

Simon, who has bought Phil Myatt’s car to race this year and has landed a plum drive with Tete Rouge 1 for the 24 hour race said, “It was an easy decision for us to sponsor the 24 hour race this year. Team Stingray had such a fantastic experience racing last year and we were keen to put something back into the Club, as well as trying to capitalise on the commercial benefits it may have to offer through networking and publicity. We also want to try to help raise the profile of grass roots racing in motorsport, which 2cvs and the 24 hour race definitely fall in to.”

Stingray are currently talking to Autosport and MotorSport News regarding a regular slot for 2cv racing in their publication as well as negotiating with Motor Sport Vision to help raise the awareness and profile of the race series, and the 24 hour race. They are also offering their knowledge and experience in motorsport PR and marketing to help the club attract more drivers and spectators to the series.

Watch this space for updates on what will be happening at the 24 hour race!

Steve Panas

S E Panas
Hi there,
It has come to our attention that there are still some teams that have not got up to speed with all that is needed to prepare for the 24hr race this year .For those entering please make sure that you have a spares package ,tools, equipment and people on hand to help you get through the event. There will be little or no spares for sale at the event. Many of the people preparing cars will also be racing themselves and the closer you leave things to the event the more difficult it will be to get things sorted out. For those who are veterans of the event please don't forget the race is a month earlier. Vehicle lighting will be most important as we have at least another hour of darkness and overloading the electrical system is very common causing alternator failures and unwanted pit stops for repairs. If advice is wanted please put a posting on the forum.


Pete Sparrow 21.2.2006

Two more (24 hour race) entries received this week bring our total of confirmed entries to 28. Welcome to Russell Munns and their 'Boss Hoggs Army' entry from the Ipswich area. Not far to travel to Snet for them. Also Staurt  Dean with the Imbroglio Racing have confirmed their entry. Watch out for this car. Up to the last hour in last years race Stuart was up for a podium finish. Be warned!!
Major race sponsor has been found - Watch this space for further details....

Steve Panas

S E Panas


I am very pleased to report that we have had a very enthusiastic response to our invitation to the marshals to our Barbeque at the Snetterton 24hour Race. Terry Scannell has written up the view from the marshal's perspective....


Pete Sparrow 9.2.2006

I am Pete Sparrows wife we, that is my team, Simply the Breast, is racing in the 2006 2cv6 24 hour endurance race, we are the only all woman team entered and are hoping to raise money for BREAST CANCER, please even if it's only a £1 could you sponsor us, it couldn't be easier, you can follow the link below and do it on line! It is all very secure and is done through the Breast Cancer Care trust. Go on JUST HAVE A LOOK!

Thanks so much
Katrina Sparrow


Katrina Sparrow
2006 Feb 7th

Entry now up to 26 24hr race grid slots leaving only 20 grid slots left. Latest entries come from Bob Rice with his BRM entry. Also from Andy Findlay with a welcome return to the 24 hour race under the banner of Findlay's JD No.7. Ben Allan also has entered a team under the Argent Provocateur name. But the most interesting news is the disclosure of the Rod Stead number 54 car driver lineup. Everybody will welcome back the super quick partnership of Nick Woodward and Pete Simpson. There's always a dark horse for the race and I believe this is the one to watch.

Steve Panas

S E Panas

The 2CV 24 hour Race - The Ultimate Club Race - Still in January and the entry for the 24 hour race at Snetterton is set to exceed any previous running of this event. The potential of filling the grid of 46 cars for the race to be held 30th April/1st May looks possible making it the largest ever single make car race in the UK. 38 options with 23 confirmed have been taken. In an event which new MSA chairman, Alan Gow, regularly competes there is some space left, with a number of cars available for hire for any teams interested in competing in the longest running 24 hour race in the UK.

Carrying on the initiative started last year where one lucky team won their race entry, the organisers are issuing raffle tickets to all competitors who enter the race. This year, five lucky teams will win their fuel for the race.

For further information and details of how to enter this fantastic motorsports event go to www.2cvracing.org.uk, or contact Steve Panas


Trevor Williams 29.1.2006

I am organising this year's sponsorship including: - Fastest lap, Pole position, Best turned out car, Most improved driver, Best rookie, Team championship.... The sponsors include Catalyst systems, Avo Shocks, PTS Developments, Stickman, Millgate Motor Factors,Glenfiditch, Whitwell Motorsport, Ecas, Sabelt and King Dick.

If you know what you would like to sponsor please let me know.e-mail


Pete Sparrow 27.1.2006

STOP PRESS 23 Confirmed entries - 23.1.2005 S E Panas Latest news : Sponsorship. Best Turned out car for each race in 2006 has attracted  new sponsor in the shape of Whitwell Motorsport. A brand new trophy is in the offing for the car which gains the most points in this competition. MSA scruitineers will be asked to judge the top three turned out cars at each meeting next season and points will be awarded. Each winner will receive a sticker for the car and at the end of the season will be awarded with the new trophy. This is be awarded at the AGM/Dinner Dance.


Steve Panas

S E Panas 23.1.2006
Simon Leith
Simon Leith
Latest news is that one of the favourites for next seasons championship has finally found a plum seat in one of the Tete Rouge cars. Simon Leith(above) from Stingray Racing is now confirmed to be one of the drivers due to the withdrawl of Jacky Lockyer within Tete Rouge Racing. Simon is expected to ruffle a lot of feathers next season having bought Phil Myatts and ex Tricky Dickie [Richard Dalton] car for the championship. Having secured a top team drive ensures that the ex-championship winning car is kept rested for the expected close season ahead.
Steve Panas

The 2006 24 hour race is going to be the best ever. We already have 21 confirmed entries and are well on the way to a full grid and a fantastic race. The programme will be similar to last year with practice on the Friday and, in the evening, a barbeque for the teams and the marshals.

Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson 19.1.2006


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