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Gary Adnitt
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This year we have a new title sponsor in wpe1.jpg (12090 bytes), who are independent suppliers of Citroen parts. Their website has a full catalogue online were its possible to buy anything from a wheel nut to a top spec race engine. Each competitor starting a race this year will receive vouchers, and these can be spent at 2CVPARTS.COM

Sponsored by:
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Whitwell Motorsport
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Millgate Motorfactors




Most of the competitors have their own sponsorship, which can range from large companies offering considerable financial support to local suppliers giving free oil / parts etc. It is certainly worthwhile spending some time arranging sponsorship, and in many cases firms are then willing to back someone starting in the hope that they might rise to the top and carry their initial sponsors with them!

It is also worth mentioning that the club, through various initiatives, will be supporting selected charities throughout the season.

Uncle / Buddy Scheme for New Drivers

All new racing members of the club will be assigned an "uncle" or "buddy" who is an existing member, to help and guide him or her through the pitfalls of starting up, from technical advice on preparing the car to where to sign on at the first race.

We believe that this is a great help and alleviates any worries they may have about being left out in the cold once they have signed up.



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