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2CV Racing Club Team:


Team: Team Fine Print 2006


2006 24hr race
Driver 1
Driver 2
Driver 3
Driver 4
Team Manager & Team Principal
Car No.

Martin Harrold


Martin Harrold



Fine Print

information supplied by S Panas 20.1.2005


2005, Previously:-



Team FINE PRINT (97) will be there.

As there was no date clash, we all went to Le Mans this year to take a look - along with 230,000 others. We think our team organisation, prep. and budget are almost up to running an LMP car there, but we think we'd not be able to afford a good enough lighting/fuelling gantry in the pits.   So, we'll focus our spanners on the 2006 2CV 24hr. We've got Edd Straw and Said Baloui already signed as drivers, and a bit of work going on the car and engines.   Our 16th place in '05 was actually our best ever placing in six tries, so with a bit of luck, we might even improve on that

Martin Harrold 14.7.2005



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