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Pete Sparrow

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Pete Sparrow

Come Racing

2CV Racing is fun.  It doesn't cost a fortune to get involved and if you are interested the club is very welcoming. 

The racing is organised to be as close as possible and the races are some of the most exciting that can be seen .


It would be good to hear from you whether you have a question or comment to offer.





Blue - steady = Another competitor is close
Blue - waved = Another competitor is trying to pass
White = Service vehicle or very slow car on circuit
Yellow - steady = Danger ahead, no overtaking, slow down
Yellow - waved = Great danger ahead, no overtaking, slow down, be prepared to stop
Red & Yellow vertical striped = Slippery surface ahead
Green = Proceed, hazard indicated has cleared
Red = Stop racing, proceed slowly to pits or start as instructed by marshals
Black with orange circle = Displayed with white number: warning of mechanical failure which might not be obvious to driver, call into pit immediately.
Black & White triangled = Displayed with white number: warning to driver that his behaviour (i.e. corner cutting) is suspect and he may be black flagged.
Black = Displayed with white number: Driver must call into pit  immediately and report to the Clerk of the Course.
Black & White chequered = End of race
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