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Team: Simply the Breast
Simply Logo

What a great weekend had by all (or most) at Pembrey, not least because the weather held. Simply the Breast romped home to a respectable 13th place finish – not bad for our first race as a team. We even managed to get time with the Clerk of the Course! Yes, our knuckles were duly rapped for missing the New Drivers Briefing. We won’t be doing that again!!

The auction Friday before the race is fast approaching, so don’t forget your chequebook. If you’re going to be missing out on the fun but want to put an advanced bid on anything, let us know. Some great things up for grabs, amongst them, arrive and drive at Mallory, a trip for four around the McLaren F1 Technology Centre and of course, a meal with The Club Stud! Dig deep, it’s all for a good cause.

See you at Snetterton! - Gillian Doyle (22.4.2006)


The car flew at our second test … literally.  We managed a full day and just keep getting quicker and quicker.  What out everyone.  OK, so you’re not interested, you just want to know what happened!  Sponsor our charity and we’ll tell you www.justgiving.com/simplythebreast (worth a shot).

Zoë has been preparing the car for our first race as a team at Pembrey, Easter weekend.  Keep tuned to find out how we get on.  A great event for us to hone our racing skills ;-)

Lynn and Katrina have been busy with t-shirts (still time to pre-order yours), bandanas, etc. and we’re planning a car boot sale the weekend before the race to raise extra funds for our charity.

Pray for good weather this weekend and enjoy Easter!

Gillian Doyle (12.4.2006)



A quick summary to get you up to speed with our progress. Happy to tell you that we are now all in possession of our racing licences! Zoe, Lynn and Gill managed to dodge the snow on a recent test day at Anglesey. A place with its own weather climate! We have another test day this weekend, which we are all able to make. The car is still in one piece! With everyone’s efforts, we are certainly getting out there.

March’s issue of Practical Performance Car published an article about us. Katrina did a sterling job on BBC Radio Berkshire and Jordan (sorry chaps, her schedule won’t allow her to get to Snetterton – we tried) said she’d mention us in her column. We also have many other feelers out there… The official t-shirt design looks fantastic – designed by Lynn – and all proceeds will be going to our charity, so don’t forget to buy yours.

Race suits? Well what can we say! Thank you soooo much to the Women’s Motor Racing Associate’s Club, aka The Doghouse, who have agreed to sponsor us for our suits and also donate £500 to our charity!

We are continually on the case, looking for additional donations, raffle prizes, publicity, etc., so if you know anybody that would like to help, send them our way!

More later …


Gillian Doyle



2cv   2cv

Pictures of the car from Zoe 22.3.2006


Simply the Breast have been given the go ahead by the 2CV Racing Club to provide the official t-shirts for this year 24 Hour event. A sample of our t-shirts is being modelled here by the two top drivers of Simply the Breast, Annabelle and Ethan Sparrow.   Annabelle & Elthan

T-shirts are £10 each and available in sizes XL, L, M, S, XS. You can reserve your t-shirt by emailing Katrina Sparrow on [email protected] and they should be ready for collection/sale at Pembury until the 24 Hour Race (we will have a trade stand in the Stingray Village Marquee). Dig deep and make sure your whole team is wearing them.

Thank you, Lynn....Team Simply the Breast!


I am Pete Sparrows wife We, that is my team and I are racing in the 2006 2cv6 24 hour endurance race, we are the only all woman team entered and are hoping to raise money for BREAST CANCER, please even if it's only a £1 could you sponsor us, it couldn't be easier, you can follow the link below and do it on line! It is all very secure and is done through the Breast Cancer Care trust. Go on JUST HAVE A LOOK!

Thanks so much
Katrina Sparrow

2006 Feb 7th

Pictures of Katrina and Lynn at Oulton Park in Cheshire doing some pre-ARDS train in Pete Sparrow's old Peugeot 306.

Both girls did very well showing a large amount of courage as there were some very fast cars and aggressive drivers ,this was not a novice session.

They are sitting their ARDS course today at Thruxton.

Pete Sparrow 14 2 2006



2006 24hr race

Katrina, Lynne and Gill have all passed their ARDS tests - (Zoe Cardell 17 March 2006)


Driver 1
Driver 2
Driver 3
Driver 4
Team Manager & Team Principal
Car No.
Geoff Archer

information supplied by S Panas 20.1.2005


2005, Previously:-

Simply the Breast

To confirm that we girls have in fact put a team together that will be racing hopefully in the 24hour. We will be using Zoe Cardell's car, and will be hopefully raising money in various ways for breast cancer research.

The team is as follows

Team manager/ organiser Geoff Archer


Zoë Cardell
Lyn Sparrow
Katrina Sparrow
Gill Doyle

Lyn and I have booked our course for our licence , Zoë ofcourse has hers and Gill is booking hers

Katrina 3.11.2005


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