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Gary Adnitt
Gary Adnitt
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2CV Racing Suppliers & Specialists

This part of the Technical Section contains a list of the people and businesses that can supply specialist parts and services from a barrel shim to a roll cage; from advice to the full build of a race car.

Many are members of the 2CV Racing Club. You will find everyone genuinely helpful and happy to answer questions you may have.

Note: those marked *All will do everything from a small job to a full race car rebuild.

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Geoff Archer *All 01609 771 313 www.nes-uk.com  email
Paul Robertson *All 01777 838 019 www.tower-citroen-specialists.co.uk email
Andrew Pirt & Greg Wheeler *All 01306 880 149 www.stationviewgarage.com email
Richard Dalton *All 01782 720 418 www.audley-service-station.co.uk email
Rick Meyers Citroen Servicing 01208 815 100 www.rick-meyers.co.uk email
Pete Sparrow *All 01344 771 778 www.ptsdevelopments.com email

Louis Barbour

Roll cage 01494 864 112 www.2cv4x4.com email
Simon Pearson *All plus
Barrel shims
01922 624 287
Trevor Williams Race exhaust,
Race spoiler,
Sponsorship stickers
01252 622 044
Mark Turner
(Whitwell Motorsport)
Frome 2cv Second-hand parts and rebuilds 01373 473 695 www.frome2cv.co.uk email
SLC Chassis
www.members.aol.com/slcchassis emai
ECAS Chassis and parts 01785 282 882 www.2cvparts.com email
Demon Tweeks Motor Sport Equipment 01978 664 466 www.demon-tweeks.co.uk email
Safety Devices Roll Cage 01638 560 524 www.safetydevices.com email
Spring Coil  Uprated Springs 01142 731 111 www.springcoil.co.uk email
AVO Adjustable Shock absorbers 01604 708 101 www.avouk.com email
Gower & Lee (Watford) Reconditioned Carbs & Decarb 01923 247 300 www.gowerlee.dircon.co.uk email
Quantum Uprated Shocks
Kent Cams Club Camshafts 01303 248 666 www.kentcams.com email
Check out the excellent British Motor Racing Circuits website which has information on all circuit based racing - cars, motorcycles, trucks and karts - in the British Isles and beyond; plus details of how to get to circuits, events, racing clubs and race reviews.

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Visit the The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) web site which has details of BARC's history and information about the Championships it supports.

For a comprehensive guide to UK motor racing visit the UK Motorsports site.


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