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Club Gallery

Welcome to the Club Gallery. This section contains a description of the history of 2CV racing in the UK and how it began in 1989.

There is a gallery of photographs.

There is also some information on the 24-hour 2CV races at Mondello in Ireland and the 2CV racing series in Belgium and France, plus a potted history of Citroën's motor sport heritage.

This is the start of the Club Gallery, so if you have something you think might be of interest or you would like us to include please let us know. In particular we are looking for photographs, stories and anecdotes from earlier years and will, of course, accredit the content to you.

And finally - we have included a page on the history of the development of 2CV Racing Club members' cars; as you will see this page is far from complete, so we should appreciate your input.

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