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Snetterton 2CV 24hr Endurance Race June 18-20th 2004
Race - Preparations


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Race Reports
Championship Results
Oulton Park April 12th
Mallory Park April 25th
Pembrey May 15/16
Stowe May 29/30th
Snetterton June 18/20th
Lydden Hill July 17
Brands Hatch July 25th
Cadwell Aug 15th
Silverstone Nat. Sept 18th

Pembrey Oct 16/17th


1. Gate-a-Mation, the sponsors

2. The teams arrive

3. The weather looks interesting


5. Practice starts


7. "It was also good to meet you at the weekend, thank you for the comments about the officials. I am convinced that it is the enthusiasm and friendliness of the competitors that makes our job a lot easier and this makes the 24 hours seem a lot shorter. The only minus this year was that it was not as warm as it should have been for mid June" - Geoff Deacon - MSA Scrutineer

8. The interviewer

9. The controllers

10. The arc lamps

11. Spectators set up camp


13. Breakfast on Saturday morning

14. Visiting 2CVs

15. Teams move into the pit garages

16. The Croucher family prepares for action


18. Deckchair Racing mechanic Rick Meyers


Photo #19 is the Collier car.  We didn't do so well this year, but it appears to be a good photo of the team.  Thanks
     Steve Pfeifer - Tacoma, Washington USA


20.Team Dolly

21. "Darren Arthur, Car owner, and Frome 2CV Centre Sponsor." Andy Selman

22. "Andy Selman - Team Re-Fueler + Darren Arthur - Team Sponsor.
Shame about the weather, but what a great race weekend !!
   Personally, I have never been to one of the events before, and was very honoured to be asked along to this one and assist the pit crew. I had one of the best weekends of my life,  
    I was Refueler for the Frome 2cv Car, and for the Team Fine Print Car, and had a great insite into the workings of the pit crew at an event like this, and boy! was I impressed. The mechanics do an unbelievable job of doing engine changes in 10 mins, and I also felt great admiration for the members of the team who spent all night on the pit wall doing the timing and Driver Info Boards.
   Altogether a GREAT weekend !!   :-)" Andy Selman

23. Team Dolly

24. Team Dolly Pit Babe, Team Manager and Driver

25. Team Stinky's youngest member

26. Deckchair Racing supporters Debbie and Jemima Meyers

27.Rocket Dog Racing's yellow T-shirts were easy to see

28.Deckchair Racing

29.The pit lane crews set up

30.Team Dolly mechanics Barry and Peter Annells

31. Snetterton is really my home circuit - I was a marshal here when I was at school in Norwich - so actually coming back and racing is a great thrill. I now live in Birmingham. I started 24hr 2CV racing with Jem Marsh about 5 years ago. There is just nothing like it. It's the crew that come together that makes it - we had around 15 people - and they seem to enjoy it as much as the drivers. Problem I have is that my crew treat me like the second driver in a one driver team. But I'd get worried if they started being nice to me ! Martin Harrold, Car 97.

32. "Fireman Eddie with LOL PILFOLD team DECKCHAIR RACING,.this is Eddies first 24hr race and LOLS 4th (including 2 Nurburgring 24hr races in caterhams)" - Lol Pilfold


34. Fire outfits put on


36. Pete Sparrow (Tete Rouge) and Richard "Dickie" Dalton (Team Traleda)

37. "My name is Marc Fenner, (Right) I was the mechanic for team 70"

38. Richard Dalton and Barry Annells


40. Stewart Croucher

41 Deckchair Racing pit helpers


(Click on any picture with a bold red number to see a larger version. If a picture you would like to see larger has not a bold red number e-mail the number to have an enlarged option added.)

You can e-mail a photograph's number with extra description, names or an associated story as well.



Garage Team Team No
1-2 Team FINE PRINT   97
1-2 FROME 2CV Centre  17
3-4  FFART   90
3-4  Team DOLLY  88
5-6 Paradise Racing  77
5-6 Shark Attack  27
7-8 DECKCHAIR Racing  60
7-8 Team MONKFISH  62
7-8 Formula 1 (£)  55
9-10 IMBROGLIO  20
9-10 Racing For England  98
11-12 Team Tete Rouge 1   8
11-12 Team Tete Rouge 2  63
11-12 Extreme Novices  10
13-14 Hollis Motorsport  71
13-14 Team STINKY   18
15-16 Armageddon  24
15-16 Red Nose Scotland  21
15-16 RAMBO  32
17-18 Aubrey Brocklebank  26
17-18 Ecurie Cheveaux Blancs  22
19-20 Gadget Racing  4
19-20 MRB  69
21-22 Lucky Jon Racing   67
21-22 Dead End Racing  2
21-22 Riley Williams Racing   58
23-24 Team Traleda  68
23-24 Team Gate-A-Mation  59
23-24 Viscom Motorsport   70
25-26 Stealth Racing    11
25-26 Rocket Dog Racing    7
25-26 Collier Racing   101



Team No   Team Garage
2 Dead End Racing  21-22
4 Gadget Racing  19-20
7 Rocket Dog Racing    25-26
8 Team Tete Rouge 1   11-12
10 Extreme Novices  11-12
11 Stealth Racing    25-26
17 FROME 2CV Centre  1-2
18 Team STINKY   13-14
20 IMBROGLIO  9-10
21 Red Nose Scotland  15-16
22 Ecurie Cheveaux Blancs  17-18
24 Armageddon  15-16
26 Aubrey Brocklebank  17-18
27 Shark Attack  5-6
32 RAMBO  15-16
55 Formula 1 (£)  7-8
58 Riley Williams Racing   21-22
59 Team Gate-A-Mation  23-24
60 DECKCHAIR Racing  7-8
62 Team MONKFISH  7-8
63 Team Tete Rouge 2  11-12
67 Lucky Jon Racing   21-22
68 Team Traleda  23-24
69 MRB  19-20
70 Viscom Motorsport   23-24
71 Hollis Motorsport  13-14
77 Paradise Racing  5-6
88 Team DOLLY  3-4 
90 FFART   3-4 
97 Team FINE PRINT   1-2
98 Racing For England!  9-10
101 Collier Racing   25-26



1 2 Dead End Racing with Myatts.co.uk Phil Myatt, Edward Mason, Graham Wallace
2 4 Team Gadget Racing Wayne Cowling, Ainslie Bousfield, Simon Clarke, Colin Stancombe
4 7 Rocket Dog Racing Pete Cardell-Williams, Mick Storey, Andy Findlay, Andrew Smith
17 8 Tete Rouge 2 Trevor Williams, Christian Callander, Simon Turner, Shaun Morris
11 10 Extreme Novices with Clockwork Orange Clive Garnham (AUS), Michael Gartside, Andy Jenkins, Simon Melber
13 11 Millgate Racing Steve Panas, Colin Whiteley, Gary Adnitt, David O'Keefe
24 17 Frome 2CV Centre John Davis, Antony Feltham-White, Said Baloui (D)
12 18 Team Stinky Christine Thompson, Neil Savage, Chris Yates
10 20 Imbroglio Racing Stuart Dean, Peter Smith, Kevin Raymond (F), Howard Maguire
23 21 Red Nose Scotland for Cancer Research Derek Coghill, Bill Murray, Tom Allam
14 22 Ecurie Cheveaux Blancs Francis Rottenburg, John Rainger, Steve Jaques, Colin Vallance-Owen
29 24 Armageddon Michael Higson, Ian Gibbon, Willie Patterson, Alec Graham
15 26 Aubrey Brocklebank Aubrey Brocklebank, Julian Griffin, Philip House, Andre Severs
20 27 Shark Attack Norrie Taylor, Alan Gow (AUS), Hazel Taylor
31 32 RAMBO Graham Harper, Ken Thompson, Craig Patrick, Scott Brennan
6 58 Riley Williams Racing with Morris Lubricants Tim Williams, Matt Riley, Michael Vergers (NL)
5 59 Team Gate-A-Mation Andrew Pirt, Alan Smith, Greg Wheeler
8 60 Deckchair Racing with Thames Valley Tool Hire Steve Storey, Alan Maynard, Lol Pilfold, Andy Tidy
21 62 Team Monkfish Paul Ravenhill, James Grantham, Steve Ellerby
7 63 Tete Rouge 1 Paul Robertson, Pete Sparrow, Neil Thompson, Roy Eastwood
9 67 Lucky Jon Racing Julian Winn, Luke McSweeney, Jon Twidale, Gary Byatt
27 68 Team Traleda David Teale, Muir Johnson, Richard Dalton
3 69 MRB Racing Paul Taylor, Simon Pearson, Tim Dodgson
28 70 Viscom Motorsport Glenn Burtenshaw, Iain Milligan, Peter Ritchie, Robin Webb
16 71 Hollis Motorsport Richard Hollis, Matthew Hollis, Mike Cooper
18 77 Paradise Racing Derek Harnett (IRL), Mike Hynes, Cormac Casey
30 88 Team Dolly with www.misspolly.co.uk Katie Croucher, Stewart Croucher, Jon Frankel, Graham Taylor
22 90 French Frogeye Automobile Racing Team Claire Furnell, Guy Loveridge, Clive Bergman, Matt Shepherd
25 97 Team FINE PRINT with InkFlow and Drytac Martin Harrold, Edd Straw, Jeremy Clark, Bruce Trenery (USA)
26 98 Racing For England with www.crash.net Terry Clark, Steve Hindle, Campbell McClory, Mark Harris (CH)
19 01 Team Coller Racing Patrick Collier, Maurice O'Reilly (NZ), Steve Pfeiffer (USA), James Hewes
non runner 55 Formula 1 (£) Angus Duke, Keith Padmore, Nick Padmore, Andrew Newman
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