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1997 Drivers Championship       
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Race Reports
Championship Results
  Driver Points
1st Richard Dalton 891
2nd Jon Rushton 856
3rd Royce Grey 815
4th Tim Lee 721
5th James Grantham 615
6th Derek Bliss 586
7th Christian Callander 475
8th Laurence Broadhurst 415
9th Paul Leason 405
= Martin Woodley 405
11th Peter Simpson 380
12th Pete Sparrow 345
13th Mike Cooper 320
14th Guiseppe Lorusso 295
15th Roy Eastwood 290
16th Stephen Green 275
17th Paul Calladine 270
18th Tim Dodgson 260
= Nick Woodward 260
20th Nathan Barker 255
21st Norman Taylor 245
22nd Neil Thompson 230
23rd Zoe Cardell-Williams 205
24th Tim Grey 175
25th Andrew Lee 163
26th Mick Storey 160
= Paul Taylor 160
28th Tim Evans 145
29th Chris Ingelbrecht 115
30th David Wise 100
31st Shaun Morris 70
32nd Paul Robertson 35
33rd Philip Lane 30
= Peter Scatchard 30
= Nick Sundby 30
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