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Archive - 1990 and before, to 1993 and beyond

1993 saw the continued dominace of David O'Keeffe in the series

David O'Keeffe.jpg (44238 bytes)

Oulton Park 1993  Photo by Ryo H

Race Reports

Royce Grey 'Team VALEO' Mondello 1992                         


Welcome to the 2CV racing Archive. Over the coming year we are planning to create a comprehensive history of 2CV racing in the UK. This archive will have every 2CV race result since 1989, including the old southern series and a full history of the legendary Mondello 24 hour race.

To achive this we will need the help of everyone past and present who has been involved with 2CV racing to supply us with old race results, photos, videos, race reports, technical data on the cars and general trivia. Stories (and pictures) from the bars around the country are also most welcome. 

1989_1.bmp (1086306 bytes)

Pete Sparrow, Colin Whiteley, and Graham Harper do battle at Pembray in 1989

"Just out of interest, not only are all 3 drivers from the 1989 picture still competing, but at least one of the cars is too!  I bought Graham Harpers car (no.26 in photo) at the end of 1989, raced it "down south" and up here in Scotland, eventually painting it red and yellow and naming her "Wee Fiona" after a good friend. I sold her on to Len Douglas in 1995 and he still races her.(and is now for sale). I wonder how many other cars still survive from that first experimental year?" - Neil McDonald

2CV Championship

1990     Royce Grey

1991     David O'Keefe

1992     David O'Keefe  

1993      David O'Keefe

1994     David O'Keefe

1995     Gary Byatt

1996     Gary Byatt   

1997     Richard Dalton

1998     Richard Dalton

1999     Richard Dalton

2000     Pete Sparrow

2001      John-Paul Wilkinson

Mondello 24 hour
race winners

1990       Team ECAS - 927 laps

1991        Team ECAS -  

1992      Team VALEO - 961 laps

1993        Team VALEO

 1994       O'Keefe Racing 

1996          Team ECAS

1997         'Le Shark' Team - 1017 laps

1998        Team ECAS   - 653 laps *

1999         'Le Shark' Team - 685 laps * 

2000          No race held

2001        Team ECAS UK - 1012 laps

Mondello winners

2002 Richard Dalton/Pete Sparrow/Gary Byatt
2001 Richard Dalton/Roy Eastwood/Pete Sparrow
1999 Cameron Ritchie/Roger Lott/Allan Gow
1998 Richard Dalton/Pete Sparrow/Ed Mason
1997 Cameron Ritchie/Roger Lott/Eugene O’Brien/Bill Murray
1996 Richard Dalton/Roy Eastwood/John Girvan
1995 Richard Dalton/Roy Eastwood/Pete Sparrow
1994 Colin Whiteley/David O’Keefe/Harry Nicoll-Jones
1993 Royce Grey/Tim Grey/Graham Wallace/Paul Taylor
1992 Royce Grey/Tim Grey/Graham Wallace/Paul Taylor
1991 David O’Keefe/Peter Dalkin/Lindsay Dalkin/Louise Dalkin
1990 Richard Dalton/Paul Tyson/Adrian Scott/Roy Eastwood

6 wins Richard Dalton
4 wins Roy Eastwood, Pete Sparrow
2 wins Royce Grey, Tim Grey, Roger Lott, David O’Keefe, Cameron Ritchie, Paul Taylor, Graham Wallace


 *Race ran on intermedate track between 1998 -1999

mallorycrash.bmp (639354 bytes)

                              All Hell breaks loose! at Mallory Park 1997

      But who can name all the drivers in this photo?

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