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Donington Park 31 July 2005 - Sprint Race


Sparrow flies to win with Myatt on tail


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Meeting Photographs


 1   28   Peter SPARROW   17:38.130   10       66.48    1:44.506  
 2   1   Philip MYATT   17:38.574   10   0.444    66.45    1:44.690  
 3   62   Shaun MCLAUGHLIN   18:01.367   10   23.237    65.05    1:45.862  
 4   10   Mike STOREY   18:02.089   10   23.959    65.01    1:46.470  
 5   8   Peter CARDELL-WILLIA   18:02.344   10   24.214    64.99    1:45.896  
 6   2   Wayne COWLING   18:02.820   10   24.690    64.97    1:46.223  
 7   6   Andrew SMITH   18:24.978   10   46.848    63.66    1:48.735  
 8   4   Matthew HOLLIS   18:25.088   10   46.958    63.66    1:47.558  
 9   71   Sammie FRITCHLEY   18:36.036   10   57.906    63.03    1:48.155  
 10   11   Steve PANAS   18:36.086   10   57.956    63.03    1:48.867  
 11   77   Jonathan DAVIES   18:36.349   10   58.219    63.01    1:48.291  
 12   5   Richard HOLLIS   18:46.704   10   1:08.574    62.44    1:49.617  
 13   76   Ben ALLAN   18:56.856   10   1:18.726    61.88    1:51.895  
 14   46   Tim DODGSON   18:58.027   10   1:19.897    61.81    1:52.046  
 Fastest Lap      
 28   Peter SPARROW   1:44.506    8   108.50kph    67.42  
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Championship Results
April 9th Oulton Park
May 29-30th Snetterton
June 11-12th Pembrey
July 17th Cadwell
July 31st Donington
August 13-14th Croft
Sept 17th Lydden
Oct 1st Silverstone
Oct 29th AGM & Dinner Dance

(reporter: Matt Hollis)

Pete Sparrow made it three wins out of four at Donington, having eventually got over the shock of not only retiring at Cadwell Park, but allowing Pete Cardell-Williams to win in the process. Having spent much of the preceding week in Scotland, Sparrow was ready for anything the weather could throw at him. Katrina’s 4X4 2CV had been brought along as a spare, but thankfully was not required. Also arriving straight from the 2CV world meeting were Hollis Motorsport, who were praying their cars would hold together having been on display all week (including an inspired attempt by Sparrow and Andy Bull to sabotage the cars under the pretence of competing in an engine change race).

Qualifying saw Sparrow on pole, although a lack of throttle cable prevented him doing the full session. Phil Myatt joined him on the front row, followed by Wayne Cowling and the ever improving Shaun McLaughlin. Andrew Smith was back in 10th, having spun off and been surprised to see Matt Hollis copying his exact line. Ben Allan made a welcome appearance, as did birthday boy Tim Dodgson in the GMR car. Clearly all that cake had weighed Tim down as he took the final place on the grid.

Donington Park has a downhill start, so in theory getting a good start shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps Shaun McLaughlin had hoped the momentum would help him more than it actually did, as he slipped back to 10th by the first corner. Up at the front, Sparrow and Myatt were already pulling away, whilst Cowling and Mick Storey fought over 3rd, with Matt Hollis hanging on in 5th. At the Old Hairpin, Steve Panas got sideways and dented the side of Andy Smith’s car, which had only recently been repaired after the damage at Pembrey. Shaun McLaughlin was already starting to fight back and was already 5th by lap 2. Matt Hollis took the line of least resistance at the Old Hairpin on lap 3, and promptly spun off, rejoining in 13th. His brother was involved in a 4 car scrap for 7th with Smith, Jon Davis and Sammie Fritchley. Andy managed to pull clear, but round the back of the circuit on lap 6 Richard Hollis was in the gravel, having been on the outside of both Davis and Fritchley. The ensuing confusion allowed the recovering Matt Hollis to overtake all three and move up to 8th.

Sparrow and Myatt continued to circulate nose-to-tail until the flag, but ultimately it was Pete who crossed the line first, 0.4 seconds ahead. McLaughlin, Cowling and Storey were joined by Mad Pete to make it a 4-way fight for 3rd, which Shaun won, with 1.4 seconds covering all four cars. Matt Hollis had driven back up to 7th, but it was Andy Smith who took the place in another close finish. Steve Panas, struggling after his early collision, missed out on 9th by just 0.05 seconds as Sammie Fritchley won the acceleration battle out of the chicane. Richard Hollis, having dug himself out of the gravel, finished 12th ahead of Allan and Dodgson who had battled all race long, with Ben overtaking Tim on the last lap.

(reporter: Matt Hollis)

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