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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is the 2CV Racing Club all about?

Preparing 2CVs to race on some of the most fantastic tarmac circuits Europe and promoting the formula as a low-cost form of motorsport in which everyone from novice to expert is made to feel welcome.

We also try extremely hard to make all our events sociable and family orientated, by organising BBQs and games at the race meetings.

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How can I get involved?

You can be a spectator, mechanic, driver or sponsor. Whatever you decide to do, you will receive a warm welcome from the club.

Spectators - You will get the opportunity to look at the cars and meet the teams at the race meetings. This is particularly the case at the 24-hour race when there is plenty of time to explore the pit garages and chat. The race dates and venues are published in Club Diary click here for further information on the Come Racing page.

Mechanics - are always required, you need to have good experience of working on 2CVs. If you are interested please contact Pete Sparrow for further information; if you are interested in being a mechanic at the 24-hour race please contact our 24-Hour race coordinator - click here for contact details.

Drivers - continue reading through these questions and answers. New racing members are assigned a buddy, who is an existing club member, to help and guide him or her through the pitfalls of starting up, from technical advice on preparing the car to where to sign-on at the first race.

Sponsors - our sponsors range from large companies offering considerable financial support to local suppliers giving free oil or parts. Sponsors’ details are displayed on the cars, the Club’s web site and promotional material. Click here for details of how to contact our PR and Publicity coordinator.

How do I become a Member?

It couldn't be easier. There are three levels of membership, which are described below.

  1. Full Membership is £50 per year - It allows you to race and compete in the championship. You will receive technical bulletins, the Club newsletter 'Snails Pace' and invitations to social events. You also gain full voting rights at the Club's Annual General Meeting and discount on club merchandise.
  2. Associate Membership is £20 per year - You will receive the Club newsletter 'Snails Pace' and invitations to social events. You also gain discount on club merchandise.
  3. Day Racer Membership is £15 per day - This is a temporary membership to allow a guest to participate in races as an additional driver.

For Full or Associate membership complete the membership form with your details and send it to the Club Secretary with the appropriate payment. For Day Racer membership please pay the fee to the Club Chairman or Treasurer at the Track.

If I want to drive what do I need to get started?

You need a RACMSA National B Licence, which you can get by attending an ARDS course at your nearest circuit.

You must be full member of the 2CV Racing Club, which you can join as described in Answer 3 above.

You need to be a member of BARC - the British Automobile Racing Club.

Click here to go to the Technical Section for more more information.

How do I build my own racing 2CV?

The car must be built to current the RAC Blue Book Regulations for circuit racing, which cover the requirements for roll cage, safety equipment, seat belts etc.

In addition there are separate car build regulations for 2CV Racing, in summary:

  1. The car is lowered by stiffening and adapting its suspension springs.
  2. Adjustable shock absorbers can be fitted.
  3. Slightly wider 145 width tyres are allowed.
  4. The front steering arms are turned to alter the castor angle.
  5. A standard 2CV 6 gearbox must be fitted.
  6. Improved performance can be achieved by low levels of engine tuning.
  7. Compression can be raised by machining barrels and cylinder heads to Club regulations.
  8. Fitting of the club Cam is mandatory click here for details.
  9. Alternative exhausts, air filters and carburettor jetting are also permitted.

The 2CV Racing car build regulations are available from BARC or click here to view them in our technical section.

How much does it cost?

The car - racing cars usually become available at the end of the racing season. You will find them for sale on this web site, on 2cvtv.com and sometimes on ebay. The prices range from £1,500 to £6,000 depending on the pedigree and condition of the car. If you want to purchase a car during the racing season and cannot see what you want, do contact us.

Race entry - this varies from circuit to circuit but typical costs are around £190 for sprint races and up to £650 for the long endurance races. You need to add to this the cost of getting yourself and the car to and from the circuits, plus your running costs.

24-hour race entry - the 24 hour race at Snetterton in Norfolk will be between £3000 to £4000 (split between 3 or 4 drivers). You may be able to 'buy' a ride for between £600 and £1,000. You will find information about this on the current 24 hour race page or on the Club Forum.

Where do we race?

We race at most major circuits in the UK, generally using those that suit the cars best. The circuits visited vary from year to year; in the 2006 championship season races were held at Pembrey in South Wales, Snetterton in Norfolk, Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire, Anglesey in North Wales and Mallory Park in Leicestershire.

Outside the championship club members take the opportunity to race at other circuits for example:

  • Each October members drive in the 2CV 24-hour race at the world famous Spa Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. In 2006 a four-driver team hired a car to enter the race.
  • Also in 2006 members entered a four car team in the 750 Motor Club's Holly Birkett six hour endurance relay race at Silverstone at the end of October. This race is unique because it is a handicap that allows cars of many different types to enter.
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