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Gallery - Racing at Mondello

The highlight of the 2CV racing calender was the Mondello Park 24hr Race, or Vingt-Quatre Heures du Mondello as the Irish delight in calling it. This was an attraction few other forms of motorsport can boast of and it provided all the drama of Le Mans.

Mondello Park is a tight and twisty circuit in the Republic of Ireland, close to Dublin. The circuit itself has everything needed to make a perfect 2CV race, with a blend of hairpins, double apex corners, left-handers and a long enough straight to read your pitboard and take a short but welcome breather! In most years there is also a reasonable dose of Irish rain to add to the excitement and tension.

In one weekend most drivers will race in the region of 250 miles each which would take about 2 complete seasons in normal circumstances.

Awards were presented for best placed car for England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Europe. Other awards included the Ian Gamon-Hardway "Spirit of the Meeting" Perpetual Trophy, the Hamilton Perpetual "Le Premier Escargot Mort" for the first retiree of the event, and the "Rookie of the Year" Award to the drivers of the highest placed "novice" car.

More information on Modello 24-hour races in 2001 and 2002.


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