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Join the 2CV Racing Club

Thank you for your interest in the 2CV Racing Club - you can be a spectator, mechanic, driver or sponsor - but whatever you decide to do, you will receive a warm welcome from us all.

There are three levels of membership - Full, Associate and Day Racer - these are described below.

  1. Full Membership is £50 per year - It allows you to race and compete in the championship. You will receive Technical Bulletins, the Club newsletter 'Snails Pace' and invitations to social events. You also gain full voting rights at the Club's Annual General Meeting and discount on club merchandise.
  2. Associate Membership is £20 per year - You will receive the Club newsletter 'Snails Pace' and invitations to social events. You also gain discount on club merchandise.
  3. Day Racer Membership is £15 per day - This is a temporary membership to allow a guest to participate in races as an additional driver.

For Full or Associate membership please complete the Club Membership Application Form with your details and send it to the Club Secretary with the appropriate payment. For Day Racer membership, please pay the fee to the Club Chairman or Treasurer at the track.

Please note that if you wish to be a Racing Member then it is also essential to fill in a Commentator's Information Sheet; 2007 membership applications will not be processed without a completed Commentator's Sheet.

Club Membership Form for the 2007 season (opens in a new window).

Club Commentator's Information Sheet for the 2007 season (opens in a new window).


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