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Terry Scannell
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Marshals Section

Welcome to all existing and prospective Marshals visiting the 2cv Racing Club's Marshals page.

It is our intent to make this your page with your input regarding events, your experiences and desires regarding Marshalling both generally and more specifically for 2cv Racing Club meetings. See 2006.

Please send any information or articles that you would like to be included to [email protected] .

Respect from a Marshal at Brands 21st April 2007

When I received my timetable for Brands Hatch I had a quick look down and saw the 2CV race. When I saw it was for 2 hours I thought about pulling out of the meeting. Well we are short on numbers on the bank and I thought I could not do this to my fellow marshals. I had previously only marshaled 1 2CV race before, and not from one of the better posts.

By the end of practice myself and the other marshals on post 4a, the one with the big gravel trap at the bottom of paddock, were left wanting more. We all enjoyed the sight of a pack of 2CV's coming round Paddock Hill with some strange lines.

Come the race we could not believe how close and clean the racing was. We had two visitors to our lovelly beach, car 12 whose bonnet decided that across the screen was best and car 59 who was in 3rd place at the time. The 2 hours passed by so quickly. I will be looking out for this race again next year and will certainly marshal more 2CV races.

Thanks for a great race and being a friendly bunch of competitors.

Alan Vant

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24Hrs 2cv Snetterton 2007

I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone involved over the weekend, especially the many that responded to our requests for additional marshals, it was great to meet with you and put faces to names etc and hope to see you all back again soon at Snetterton.


 Yes it was a little damp (for Snet!) over the weekend but it was a brilliant weekend from a racing aspect and for the way everyone all worked together as a team to make the event the success that it is now recognised to be over the past five years at Snetterton.

I would especially express my sincere appreciation to Simon Leith for providing the Marshal’s Prize Hot Laps in the Britcar BMW of which Pat Fairhead was the lucky winner.


Also to Trevor Williams, Paul Robertson, Steve Panas, Pete Sparrow, Simon and everyone involved in the 2CV Racing Club for all the other items provided for those marshalling over the weekend such as the Friday BBQ, the goodie bags and also for providing the evening and early morning catering during the shift changeovers and which I must admit was extremely welcome at 02-15am at the end of one of my shifts. Also to Jez & Andy for the occasional shelter, coffee and humour as always! The 24hour radio coverage was also a superb idea – thanks to Martin and Fine Print for that.

The 2Cv Racing Club at their Presentations in Tyrrell’s after the event asked me to pass on their real appreciation to everyone involved as Marshals or as Officials over the weekend  for doing such a great job in such weather conditions and making it such a successful weekend. Club members made a spontaneous collection of £153.36 for the Motorsport Safety Fund as a gesture of their appreciation.

Thanks also to BARC and everyone involved upstairs, the MSV circuit staff and to Alex and his team at Red Rocket Recovery for all contributing to a superb event.

Roll on next year!!

 Terry (30.5.2007)

Safety Fund Letter

Marshals are always welcome to assist at 2cv Race Meetings. Please contact [email protected]  for details and availability forms etc or volunteer via the website at www.barc.net

For anyone new to marshalling the following link will provide useful information; www.barc.net/marshals/marshaling.php

In addition the British Motorsports Marshals Club website can be found by clicking onto; www.marshals.co.uk which contains extremely helpful information.

Terry (30.5.2007)

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