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Pete Sparrow

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2007 24 Hour Race Information



Subject: Information regarding RSR - RED SHED RACING car 96 Tony Gaymond

I tried to send this through last night but it was bounced. Could you send it on to the correct recipient as it gives info about us and piccies for the website.
We are racing car 96 under the RSR - RED SHED RACING banner . The car is the former Morris Lubricants car driven by Phill Bennett and Michael Vergers in 2005. The car (photo 24 above) has been prepared by Pete Sparrow.
Our team is headed by me (Tony Gaymond -photo 15 above). I have been enjoying hillclimbing and sprints over the last couple of years and the 2CV is a baptism (hopefully not of fire!) in club racing.
The rest of our team are:-
Nick Carr (photo 26)- ex GT racer, MGF Cup frontrunner, is training us how to drive - some chance! Still not sure why he's here but he'll do anything to be on a track!
Steve Chappell (photo 2) is another hillclimber/ sprinter trying his luck in the 2CV - very smooth from his time as a bit of a legend on enduro bikes in the West Country.
Chris Bearman (photo 1) is a complete novice, but mad enough to be a quick driver - as long as he doesn't break the car!
I hope you can enter the above on your website. Any problems, please email me.
Tony Gaymond
e: [email protected]
t: 01608 682 800
m: 0774 0774 371
f: 01608 682 900


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13 Jan 2007, (2006) Dinner Dance
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