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Pete Sparrow

Page Editor:
Steve Panas

2007 24 Hour Race Information

PREDICTIONS - S Panas 10.5.2007

Car 4 - Hollis Motorsport
Nigel Hollis will be hoping that the no. 4 car will be as reliable as last year. High quality driver lineup this year should keep the car more competitive.
Assumming reliability is kept I would consider this to be to be a top 10 car again. Predict 8th

Car 7 - Findley's Red Baron
Although the last to enter, Andy's preperation has left little to chance. While testing the race engine in a road car the police were interested enough
to ask Andy how he was managing 85 mph. The police decided not to press charges. Having finalised the driver lineup recently this car will be expected to be quick. I would consider this to be a top 10 finisher. Predict 9th.

Car 9 - Tete Rouge 2
Unlucky last year after leading the race for some time this car could well be one of the dark horses. Sammie and Trevor have already raced this year at Brands both with good form. Indeed Trevor found himself on the podium for the first time so is going into the race with tremendous form. Big Oli is to return here to bring significant speed to the team after setting the fastest lap at Mallory last time out. Some say he has a point to prove to Simon and some say he doesn't need to!! Andy Kinch has gained a plum drive late on and could well see the car at the front again. I would consider the car with its support and pedigree to be at the sharp end again. Predict 4th.

Car 14 - Team Stinky
Consistent performer year after year. The car performed very well at Brands last month. Overall a good team package that should easily see a top 10 finish.
Predict 7th

Car 19 - Gadget Racing
Driver lineup is within top three. Favourite for pole position especially under the guidance of "Dangerous Dave". Strong support from ex-championship winner Gary Bas**rd Adnitt, ex-24hour race winner Ainslie Bousfield and course specialist Wayne. This car is the most successful car never to have won this race. It will be prominant throughout the race and if it were to win it would be the most popular result. But I think it will be as popular as the winners of the race that never was. [and with half of that infamous driver lineup] Sorry chaps but predict 2nd

Car 20 - Team Twin Snails
A great deal of effort and money has been spent recently. A bad result at Brands has given no indication whether the car has improved. Perhaps the time spent at Tete Rouge headquarters will reveal the true potential here. Fabulous support from Griffin Racing should keep the wheels turning. This one difficult to evaluate. Predict 10-20th.

Car 21 - Twin Snails Too
This is the thinly disguised ex-Rocket Dog car. Previously a podium car in 2005 and a top 10 finisher last year after being plum last with two hours gone. The car is quick and has changed little since last year. New owners did a respectable race for two hours at Brands last month. As with their sister car the support of Griffin Racing should be significant and a top half finish should be possible. Predict 10th-20th.

Car 22 - Alices Dream
Rookee team with an ex-Irish car. A high profile backing from Dunlop racing and an enormous amount of sponsorship for their charitable cause ensures plenty of pressure on the entire rookee team. This entry, as with most rookee entries, is completely unpredictable. The ambition here is to actually finish the race. I think they will. But, remember, last year the Boss Hoggs rookee entry. With one lap to go they were pipped for 3rd place by Gadget. Predict - to finish

Car 26 - Rambo
At some time in the race this car will lead. In the past this car has been quick but reliability has also always been an issue. Driver lineup is very strong with the only doubt has to be ex-championship winner JPW who hasn't raced for some time. But hey, talent doesn't just disappear. If the gremlins don't do too much work then this car will be top 5. Predict 5th.

Car 27 - Woolys of Hingham
This is an ex-Jon Davis car that Jez Clarke has decided to run. Local race champion Jez has left the Fine Print stable this year to throw down the gauntlet to Martin Harrold. Little known about the preperation but with the teams professional approach should see them finish in the top half. Also racing for the first time in a 2CV is an ex British Superbike champion here. Predict 15th-20th

Car 28 - Tete Rouge 1
Multiple championship winner Pete Sparrow has decided that his best option this year is to stick with the car that has won this race for the last two years. Never been known ever to have made a mistake this seems to be a logical move. The car is well in form with ECAS driver Phil Myatt taking it to victory at Brands last month and disturbingly lapping the Gadget car in the process. History, and ECAS, [back after a three year break] is against the car making it three in a row. Driver lineup is one of the top three with current Touring Car driver Gareth Howell joining the ranks. Simon Turner and Simon Leith will bring their own brand of talent to ensure this car makes the podium again. Despite the support of the best garage crew at Snetterton the car will be in the mix at the end. Predict 3rd!!

Car 30 - PH #1
David Edmonston, better known as Piston Ted of the well know website Pistonheads.com, is leading the driver lineup of this rookee entry.
Predict - Finish second half of field.

Car 31 - PH #2
This car is hired from Whitwell Motorsport in North Yorkshire. Meticulous preperation will ensure a smooth run for this again rookee team. This is one of three cars that Whitwell Motorsport will be crewing. Although a hire car the team expects that so long as the wheels are turning a good result will ensue. Predict - Finish higher than sister car in PH entry.

Car 33 - Red Nose Scotland
Back to roots racer Derek Coghill has also spent time and even money this year on the car. Fantastic top ten finish at Brands last month ensured the car is now responding. This car will reinforce the Scottish effort on the race. Predict - Expect to see the car flirt with a top half finish.

Car 40 - Crisis Racing
By name and by nature here. On effort alone from the driver lineup here the car should expect a top half finish. But, a crisis will probably have the enevitable effect of sending the car towards the rear. This is a long race and almost anything can happen. Predict - 2nd half finish.

Car 42 - Inworth Racing Extravaganza.
Another ex-Jon Davis car that apparently has been meticulously prepared. The car was purchased before the 24 hour race LAST year with a view to racing at Snetterton in 2007. The driver lineup are no strangers to circuit racing having competed with the Morgan racing fraternity. Looking for another endurance event the move to 2CV racing wasn't unreasonable. Inexperience in this event, although sharing the garage with the highly organised Fine Print team, should be the only problem. Predict 2nd half finish.

Car 43 - Ecurie Chevaux Blancs.
This is the ex-Francis Rottenburg car which is a perpetual race entry here. Plenty of experience of the race and a good driver lineup should give the car a good run. Definitely a dark horse here. Predict 10th - 20th. Don't be suprised to see this car racing in the top 10 at sometime. Hopefully for them at the end!!

Car 44 - BRM's
Bob Rice and Keith Shoebridge are two of the keenest supporters of the new enduro race formula the club has adopted this year. Yet again they and Steve Cowell bring the BRM car to Snetterton in great expectation. Another difficult one to predict. Keep the car on the track and pitstops to a minimum and this could make a top ten finish. Predict 10th - 20th.

Car 48 - Whitwell Motorsport
This car is a complete freshbuild. Mark Turner of Whitwell Motorsport is close to finishing the project which was started soon after the race last year. Little expense has been spared in time, over 1000 hours so far. Driver lineup is the same as last year with Rocket Dog. An unclassified finish at Brands from Steve Panas does not bode well for the event with Andy Smith and Mad Pete due to race at Silverstone shortly. No doubt the car will look very good but with no tracktime, new components and untested engines any success here would be suprising. Predict - 10th - 20th.

Car 50 - ECAS The Return
This car, apart from Tete Rouge 1, has all the pedigree and THE strongest driver lineup. Welcome back to acclaimed "King of 2CV Racing" Richard Dalton AKA BNT. Richard is joined by ex-champion and current championship leader Phil Myatt and previous event winner Ed Mason. And, just to make things even better there is one of the quickest drivers of a 2CV around, "Smiling" Gary Byatt. Without doubt ECAS are the pre-race favourites with probably the only reason they are back is to stop Tete Rouge 1 winning. Expect fireworks here on and off the track. Top crew is based around the ever dependable engine builder and mechanic Geoff Archer. With luck on their side the rest have all turned up to be second. Predict - 1st by a country mile.

Car 53 - Team Herbie
Another complete newbuild from ex-winning crew Shaun Calvert. Built for his sister Rachael the car is the only all female entry. All the experience is in the form of Zoe Cardell having raced for a number of years on and off. Helen Deeley had a baptism of fire last time at Brands by rolling the Tete Rouge 3 Car at Paddock Hill bend during practice. Despite this a respectable finish on race day followed. Rachael is no stranger to this event having crewed and raced before at this event. Expect the car to stay reliable and if stays out of trouble should finish in the top 20.

Car 54 - Pret-a-boire
Another contender out of the dark horse stable. The entry was in doubt right up to the wire but thankfully completed. Very strong driver lineup with John Diffey breaking the lap record in a race at Donington. Nick and Pete have not raced recently but can be deadly on their day. Rod Stead has brought together a definite top ten finisher. Here is an entry that could almost do anything. I would not be suprised to see them in the lead group at some stage. Predict top 10 and even a podium if the favourites have a bad day at the office.

Car 59 - Gateamation #1
Will appear as before to be best turned car in the paddock before the race. Under the guidance of Greg Wheeler will compete with the best. Doubt as before is normally down to race pace overall and reliability. Recently ran a strong third for first half of the Brands race but to fall off literally in the second half. Perhaps more outings between each 24 race would benefit. Predict 8th - 12th

Car 68 - Gateamation #2
Another hire car well crewed by Gateamation and driven by race enthusiasts could well do absolutely anything. Sorry but little information here to base any judgement on. Assuming no ills appear and the race drivers adapt to the rigours of the race they may suprise the sister car. Predict 2nd half

Car 69 - MRB
This is the favourite out of the dark horse stable. A podium finisher previously here and now even stronger driver lineup should produce dividends. This car just keeps running and is always in contention for a result. Paul Taylor and Simon Pearson provide a wealth of 2CV experience both in and out of the car. That together with acute tactical awareness and two good drivers makes a genuine attempt possible. Will probably run and finish within top 6

Car 76 - Argent Provocateur
Ben has to be one of the unluckiest entrants here this year. Several pages could be written just here. Expect plenty of drama both in the pits and on track. Life is not dull for this car. This was purchased from Fine Print a couple of years ago and in its day was fast with the right driver. Ben has only one ambition and that is to finish above Team Fine Print. Predict that that ambition will still be, an ambition. 2nd half finish

Car 77 - 2 Smoking Barrels
Jon Davis is determined to make a good finish this year. Specialist Citroen knowledge and bags of experience of the event could well see the dark car coming out of the night in a influential position. Enthusiasm from Francis can only add to the potential result. Predict top 10 with anything up to 5th possible

Car 79 - Tete Rouge 3
The same driver lineup in the same hire car and the same top notch crew suggests better things to come here. Having experienced Tete Rouge service Merrick Cox brings the team together again with the knowledge they will do better than mid table this year. The driver lineup has bags of class and probably will be the highest finishing hire car. This year I believe Tete Rouge will put all cars in the top ten, therefore I predict top 10.

Car 81 - Africa Aid Irish Entry
Last time an Irish entry made the podium was in 2003. This was the car and the driver lineup. Let's just hope they are rusty. Making an entry from Ireland is no small commitment. Cost and distance of travel is high. The entry is heavily sponsored with the resulting charity likely to benefit enormously. These guys are no mugs and will be dangerous. They will complain at the bar about the Guiness though. Predict top 10 with podium a distinct possibility.

Car 88 - Team Oily Dwarf
Same car and driver lineup as last year. Crewed again by Whitwell Motorsport so build quality should be high. Lead driver Geoff Turrall specialises in driving slow cars, Fiat 500 Abarth, deadly slow Alfa something and his racing 2CV. It comes as somewhat of a suprise to find he actually is marketing director of Porsche [UK]. Still his team are determined to take this year a lot more serious after a fickle run last time. Yet another team bitten by the bug after finding it is a lot harder than it appears. Expect to run well within top 20 and finish anywhere above.

Car 90 - JB Doors Racing
Having been taken [in] by Simon Leith the "Silver Bullet" reappears under different ownership. Expertly prepared and well within the timescale "Big" Keith has worked wonders on the over winter rebuild. Testing at Brands was a revelation to top BMW driver Steve Bell, quoted "it just goes quicker and quicker". Only warranty issues on steering wheels stopped a sure race victory the next day. Successful drivers from other formulas tend to take some time to adjust but I'm sure these guys will buck the trend. The car is very quick achieving fastest lap at Mallory last race last year and is tipped to perform well. My only concern is Keith might become bored during the race. Predict top 12 with a following wind.

Car 96 - RSR Racing
Welcome to newcomers led by Tony Gaymond. The car will probably remembered as the successful "Morris Lubricants" vehicle from previous 24 encounters.
Shedloads of work in the preperation of this car should make the rookee team enable a relative high result. Expect top 20 on first outing.

Car 97 - Fine Print
After retiring from racing two years ago and selling car and lorry to make ends meet Martin finds he cannot resist the pull of the race. He has brought back together the same crew as before and built an all new car for the event. Watch this car go especially with Paul Leason driving. Also watch it with Martin in it. Potentially one of the strongest driver lineups outside the top teams. Top mechanic, Dicky, has unbelievable experience within 2CV circles and should maintain the reliability of the car throughout the event. Expect top 10 finish and may be in the running early on.

Lucky Jon Racing
The race experience of Julian Winn at this event is without parallel. It is Julian who was crew chief throughout the "Golden Years" of ECAS dominance of this event. Now he has taken his knowledge to improve the luck of Jon Twidale. It is working to an extent but Lucky Jon need more of the good luck. Car can be quick and is always more than an effort to get past on the track. Yet again if the wheels keep rolling this car could be anywhere. Predict easy top 20 and beyond.



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