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Cadwell Park 28 May 2006 - Introduction

Two single races [not with a combined result] of 10 laps duration - T Williams (5.1.2006)

Cadwell Park

Race Reports
Championship Results

Pembrey 16 April

Snetterton 24 hour
30 April - 1st May
Cadwell Park 28 May
Anglesey 8-9 July
Mallory 17 September

AGM 21 October 2006

Dinner Dance 13 Jan 2007

Saturday 27th May

We arrived at Cadwell Park at 10:30 p.m. to discover that some of the teams had been practicing during the day. Shaun McLaughlin was very unlucky to be hit and spun by a Caterham, which hit the tyre wall and bounced back to hit Shaun's car on the other side! A lot of damage was done and Shaun had to collect parts of another car for use in the rebuild, which was achieved with help from Geoff Archer.

Sunday 28th May dawned cool and blustery. The drivers signed on at Race Control ready for the qualifying session for the first of the two 2CV races which started at 9:25. It was a closely fought battle between Pete Sparrow and Gary Adnitt; in the end Gary took pole position by 3/100th of a second. Steve Panas was on the second row with Christian Callander, Wayne Cowling and Simon Leith were on the third row.

Sammie Fritchley reported the throttle was sticking and this lost her some time, but the problem was quickly repaired in the paddock.

The second qualifying session started at 11:05 and we were into part 2 of the Gary Adnitt vs Pete Sparrow duel, but this time the positions were reversed with Pete taking pole position by 0.77 second. Simon Leith was on the second row with Steve Panas. Richard Hollis, who had run along the grass at the top of the Mountain was on the third row with Wayne Cowling. Derek Coghill had forgotten to read the programme and did not go out on the second qualifying session; luckily he was allowed to race from the back of the grid.

There was more attention to the cars; Gary Adnitt replaced a suspension arm.

The racing started at 13:15 with Caterham Graduate Championship race; then the 2CVs were called for their first race of the afternoon. They were off just after 14:00 and ten closely fought laps followed. Gary and Pete fought for the lead, which changed hands throughout the race. Once again Ainslie Bousfield assisted with the race commentary. There was a closely fought battle for third place between Richard Hollis, Simon Leith, Wayne Cowling and Steve Panas. Derek Coghill spun off at the foot of the Mountain, which lost him time, but he managed to rejoin the race. In the end Pete prevailed to take the chequered flag just ahead of Gary; and Richard Hollis stormed through to take third place. After the awards Richard could not restart his car to leave the pit lane and had to wait until the end of the next race - a Production Saloon car race - before he was able to return to the paddock.

The second 2CV race started at 16:30 and was just as competitive as the first. This time Ainslie Bousfield was driving Wayne Cowling's car 4 and Graham Harper was driving Christian Callander's car 48. Christian took over from Ainslie on the race commentary. Pete and Gary continued their sparring at the front. Richard Hollis, Shaun McLaughlin, Simon Leith, Steve Panas, Ainslie Bousfield and Sammie Fritchley were in the following pack where an equally close race for third place took place. There were some incidents, Ainslie went off and lost position, Sammie and Simon's cars touched, which slowed Simon down. Jon Twidale and Matthew Hollis got too close and Matthew was forced off the circuit, his race was over. The third place battle was narrowed to three drivers, Richard Hollis, Steve Panas, and Shaun McLaughlin. Richard got ahead of Shaun and Steve; he was closely chased by Shaun, who was unlucky yet again (it was not a good weekend for Shaun) and went off into the tyre wall at the Mountain. Shaun was fine but the car was badly damaged and will need a lot of work before it races again. The final line up was Gary first, Pete second, Richard third and Steve fourth. This time Richard got out of the pit lane without any difficulty!

It was very exciting to watch and we look forward to the next round of the championship at Anglesey on 8th and 9th July.


Cadwell Park


09.00 09.15 CATERHAM GRADUATE (GRADUATE CLASS) 07.30 07.45 07.45 08.45
09.25 09.40 CITROEN 2CV 07.55 08.10 08.10 09.10
09.50 10.05 CAT GRAD (SUPER GRAD CLASS) - GROUP 1 08.20 08.35 08.35 09.35
10.15 10.30 MODIFIED PRODUCTION SALOONS 08.45 09.00 09.00 10.00
10.40 10.55 CAT GRAD (SUPER GRAD CLASS) - GROUP 2 09.10 09.25 09.25 10.25
11.05 11.20 CITROEN 2CV 09.35 09.50 09.50 10.50
11.30 11.45 SPORTS SALOONS 10.00 10.15 10.15 11.15
11.55 12.10 CATERHAM GRADUATE (MEGA GRAD CLASS) 10.25 10.40 10.40 11.40
LUNCH BREAK 12.15 - 13.00

Matt Hollis's Report :


With the first two rounds of the 2006 Championship consisting of endurance races, the points table was looking a little unusual as the teams arrived at Cadwell Park.  For instance, Matthew and Richard Hollis were joint 2nd (although Gary Adnitt managed to bribe the BARC officials into letting him be promoted to 2nd later), whilst one of the pre-season favourites, Shaun McLaughlin, was struggling to even get into the top 10.  Unfortunately for him, Cadwell didn’t offer much in the way of improvement.

It’s normally a case of action, action, action at Cadwell due to the nature of the track, and this year was no exception, with 2 sprint races laid on to entertain the crowds.  However, the incidents started before the meeting had officially begun, as testing the day before went a bit pear-shaped.  Sharing the track with a Caterham is not always a good idea when driving a 2CV, but it’s even worse when they seem to be multiplying faster than rabbits.  Only a few 2CVs tested, but those that did spent most of the time looking in their mirrors.  In the end, Andy Smith gave up, unable to even get a decent lap together, but not before Shaun McLaughlin had been hit by an optimistic assailant.  The damage to Shaun’s Tigger machine was crippling, but no problem, he would simply borrow Geoff Turrall’s car!  A hasty panel swap, and Shaun was back at the track with his hybrid car, ready for qualifying the next day.

The first qualifying passed without too much incident, with Gary Adnitt (racing the green and purple car that had taken him to the 2003 title) snatching pole by a whisker from Sparrow.  Continuing his good form, Steve Panas lined up 3rd, ahead of an on-form Christian Callander, Wayne Cowling and circuit novice Simon Leith.  Shaun McLaughlin, in an unfamiliar car, qualified 8th, sandwiched by the Hollis brothers.  At the start, Sparrow and Adnitt got away well, and were soon pulling away from the rest of the pack.  Gary, aiming to work together with Pete in order to create a gap, waved Sparrow through, and Pete duly took the opportunity.  Unfortunately for Gary, Pete pulled a small gap over him, and despite always being in touch, could do nothing to stop Sparrow winning by a huge margin of 0.5 seconds.  The fight for 3rd had grabbed most people’s attention, as Panas, Callander, Cowling, Leith, R Hollis, McLaughlin, M Hollis and Fritchley pretty much circulated as one.  As soon as it looked like one driver had made a break, they would be caught by the rest of the pack.  It was anybody’s guess as to who would claim the final podium place, but in the end it was Richard Hollis who claimed the prize, after Christian Callander slowed on the final lap with his now customary problem - water in the fuel tank.  Panas, Cowling and Leith followed Hollis across the line, whilst Matt Hollis and McLaughlin were both delayed passing Callander, finishing 7th and 8th.  Christian eventually chugged across the line in 10th, behind Fritchley.  Andy Smith had a fairly lonely race to finish 11th, the victim of a familiar startline problem - missing 2nd gear.  Trevor Williams (driving the 3rd Tete Rouge car) just beat Aubrey Brocklebank, whilst further back Jon Twidale and Christine Thompson were separated by only 0.025 seconds!  Derek Coghill was the last finisher, unable to catch the cars in front after a spin at the Mountain early on.

Derek had earlier provided more entertainment in the second qualifying session, by not bothering to take part.  Despite having the opportunity to come up with a decent excuse (i.e. boycotting the session in protest of there being no Scottish races), he actually admitted the truth - he didn’t think he had to go out!  It was only when colleagues pointed out this was an entirely separate race to the first one did he realise his mistake, but by then it was too late, and the back of the grid was beckoning.  Up at the front, it was honours even as Sparrow took pole ahead of Adnitt.  Simon Leith got a great tow to line up 3rd, followed by Panas, R Hollis and Ainslie Bousfield (sharing the car with Cowling).

This time around, Adnitt made sure he stayed right in Sparrow’s tyre tracks as the two once again pulled away.  The fight for 3rd was just as intense as it had been in the first race, with much the same drivers (or cars) battling as before.  Andy Smith had another attack of 2nd gear phobia, but at least his start wasn’t as bad as Graham Harper's (sharing with Callander) who must have had a phobia of moving at speed.  The Scot eventually gained some momentum, but he was already dead last.  Matt Hollis had made a porridge of a passing attempt on Brocklebank, which let Williams, Smith and Twidale through.  Unfortunately, Jon thought he had a bit more of a run on Matt than he actually did, and the ensuing lack of space sent Hollis off the track and into the barriers round the back of the circuit (they probably won’t read this, but thanks to all the nice ambulance people who looked after me, and extra special applause to the marshal who should now consider a new career as a contortionist having somehow fitted into my race seat).

As the laps ran down, Adnitt made a decisive move to take the lead, except Sparrow made a more decisive move to retake.  In the end, Adnitt made the most decisive move of the lot, and took the chequered flag to record his first sprint race victory for 3 years.  The battle for 3rd went to Richard Hollis again (just like a bus - no sprint race podiums ever, then two come along at once).  His cause was aided considerably by McLaughlin, who having fought his way up to an impressive 4th, got sideways at the Mountain on the last lap, and the ensuing correction sent him into the tyre wall and out of the race, with a bit of explaining to do later on to Mr. Turrall.  Panas, delayed by McLaughlin, got another 4th ahead of Bousfield and Fritchley, whilst Simon Leith made contact at the dreaded Gooseneck on the final lap, dropping to 9th behind Smith and Williams, and only just ahead of Brocklebank.  Harper clawed his way back up to 11th, ahead of Twidale, Thompson and the ever-persistent Coghill. 


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